Working directly with designers and architects to realise a shared creative response to the clients needs is a highly rewarding aspect of my work.

This particular body of work was commissioned by wealth management firm Escala Partners. The Cloudscapes are illuminated in light boxes and reflect the architects’ objective to create a corporate environment that is distinctive in style and memorable for the seamless interplay between the components of the space.

“The client lounge provides the fulcrum of this project and the role of art is central. Katie’s series of cloudscapes responds to the grey and blue tones of the interior with drama and beauty. We loved the process of working with Katie to achieve harmony between the works and the environment they adorn.” Jarrod Haberfield, Director, Molecule

The design by Molecule for Escala was one of three finalists for best workplace for Belle awards 2014 and shortlisted for best workplace for Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2014.